Thursday January 10 – Pork Roast with Potato Dumplings

When in Moore County, North Carolina, be sure to stop in at The Squire’s Pub and Restaurant which is in Southern Pines.  The Squire’s Pub is famous for it’s award winning hamburger, gourmet beers and ales, and it’s delicious menu of British Pub Fare.

Thursday January 10th. – Pork Roast and Potato Dumplings, slow cooked until falling off the bone, and simmered with vegetables, and home-made potato dumplings.  Simply delicious for a casual dinner $10.99

The Squire’s Pub has some great British Ales on draught including Guinness Stout, Harp’s Lager, Bass Ale and Newcastle.  Plus we pour a 20 oz. Imperial pint, which is 25% larger than the 16 oz. American pints served at most other restaurants.  Better beer, better quantity, and better prices.  All good reasons to tip a pint at The Squire’s Pub.

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