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Thursday – Meaty Pork Ribs served BBQ Style

It’s a darn shame that a British Pub makes better ribs than any Texas steak house in town.

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Thursday – Awesome BBQ Ribs / Hard Ciders on Sale

The Squire’s Pub has the “Best BBQ Ribs in Town” slow cooked, super tender and very delicious

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Thursday – The Squire’s Awesome BBQ Ribs! The Best Ribs in Town on Thursday night!

The BBQ Ribs at The Squire’s Pub are a hearty St. Louis Cut, which weigh more than 2 pounds each before cooking.

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Thursday – The Best BBQ Ribs in Town! Really!

It’s a darn shame for the state of Texas that the best BBQ ribs in Southern Pines, come from a British Pub, and not from a Texas steak house. But then nobody can make better BBQ Ribs, than The Squire’s Pub.

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Thursday – The Best BBQ Ribs in Town!

You don’t need to go to a Texas chain restaurant for mediocre ribs, when you can come to The Squire’s Pub on Thursday nights,

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Thursday – Happy 4th. of July! BBQ Ribs, Revolutionary Burger and Sam Adams Ale

BBQ ST. Louis Ribs, so tender that they are falling off the bone. The Squire’s Pub ribs are a perfect take-out dinner

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