Monday – Grilled Lamb Burger with Melted Boursin Cheese

The Squire’s Pub didn’t invent the hamburger, we just perfected it.  When dining in Southern Pines, North Carolina, the best place for burgers is The Squire’s Pub.  4X Winner of “Best Burger in Town”   First came our signature Revolutionary Burger, then our Black n’ Blue Burger, and Carolina Burger all of which are made with certified Angus beef.  Now comes the Lamb Burger, it is the next big thing.  This is the flavor of wow. It’s like history repeating itself.  You’ll love this burger too.

Grilled Lamb Burger, dredged in our signature Irish Stout Seasoning and cooked to order and served with melted Boursin cheese, sautéed mushrooms and lettuce on a whole grain bun.  Comes with your choice of side dish.


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