Monday March 3rd. – British Heritage Celebration! Scotch Eggs / Scottish Beef Bridies

The Squire’s Pub is having their 24th. British Heritage Celebration now through St. Patrick’s Day.  Are you a taste adventurer?  The Squire’s Pub will be featuring authentic recipe specials from the British Isles all week.  Try Scotch Eggs, Steak n’ Kidney Pie, Yorkshire Pudding, Cornish Pasties and Finnan Haddie.  It’s British soul food, ha!  The Squire’s Pub, Casual Dining, Serious Food!

Scotch Eggs, hard boiled eggs wrapped in sausage seasoned with sage, and fried to a dark crunchy brown.  Served two to an order with dipping sauce. $5.99

Cornish Pasties n’ Chips, a tender stew of corned beef and vegetables is folded into a puff pastry and baked until golden brown and flaky.  Served in traditional style with seasoned fries and our home-made Bumpy Beer Mustard.

  • 1 pc. Pastie $7.49
  • 2 pc. Pasties $9.49
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