Monday December 3 – Donate Any Can of Food, It’s Like a 10% Off Coupon

The Squire’s Pub in Southern Pines, NC, accepts donations for the local food bank.  The Squire’s Pub is home to the Award Winning Hamburger, The Revolutionary Burger!

Monday December 3rd.. – Pat LaFrieda’s Certified Prime Angus Beef Burger, 8 oz. cooked to your liking and served on a toasted croissant bun with melted Blue Jack cheese, lettuce, tomato & onion.  Served with your choice of side dish $10.99

Who is Pat LaFrieda?  Pat LaFrieda is a gourmet butcher in New York City who has won national recognition for his superior ground beef made with certified Prime cuts from the ribs and loin.  Pat LaFrieda can be seen on TV’s Food Network Meat Men

Remember- Use any can of food like a 10% off coupon on Mondays.  We’ll take 10% off of one entree for every can of food donated.  We collect food for our local food bank, and all donations stay here in Moore County.

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