Steaks & Entrees

Steaks & Entrees

12 oz. Ribeye Steak … 18.99
Hand trimmed, tender and juicy. Served with a freshly baked potato topped with butter and sour cream.

Perfect Grilled Pork Chops … 10.99   Two Chops…14.99
We guaranteed your pork chop to be tender, juicy and delicious.  Comes with mashed potatoes, gravy and baby peas.

Mixed Grill … 16.99
One Perfect Pork Chop, One Chicken Breast and One Beer Steamed Banger served with mashed potatoes, gravy and peas.

Baked Cod … 13.99
Guaranteed Boneless!  Two cod filets baked with garlic herb butter and Old Bay seasoning.

Seared Tuna Steak Java … 13.99
A 6 oz, Steak of line caught Ahi tuna, rubbed with our signature Irish Spice Seasoning Blend which adds exotic flavor with just a hint of curry, garlic and coffee.  Served with rice, and a spicy orange sauce along side.

Grilled Salmon Filet … 15.99
A generous 8oz. filet of Coho salmon brushed with our delicate herb butter and baked.

Grilled Salmon Imperial … 19.99
One of our most delicious dishes.  An 8 oz. fillet of Coho salmon, topped with our signature Crab & White Cheddar Rarebit, served with long grain and wild rice.

Grilled and Basted Chicken Breast … 10.99    Two piece..13.99
A boneless and skinless chicken breast grilled to order basted with  your choice of sauces, Sesame, Spicy Orange or BBQ.

Guinness Spiced London Broil … 14.99
Tender lean Sirloin steak, rubbed with our Signature Irish Stout Seasoning Blend, grilled to your liking and served sliced with real mashed potatoes, gravy and sweet peas.