Local owners of The Squire’s Pub win fabulous Las Vegas getaway!

The local owners of The Squire’s Pub in Southern Pines, Moore County, North Carolina, Scott and Dede Dawson have won a fabulous Las Vegas getaway.  The Dawson’s who have owned The Squire’s Pub  for over 21 years won two round trip tickets to Las Vegas, plus accomodations at the Bellagio.  The weekend begins with an open bar dinner reception at the grand hotel.  The next night a $50 credit may be used at one of many of the Bellagio’s restaurants followed by Cique de Soleil’s show O.  Saturday night has a farewell party with dinner and open bar. Scott and Dede will be returning on Sunday, so they can be back at The Pub on Monday.  The Las Vegas Getaway was won in a US Foods promotion the The Squire’s Pub participated in.

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