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At the Squire’s Pub and Restaurant in Southern Pines, NC, we frequently add news to share with you.


  • It’s not to early to book your holiday party! Call The Squire’s Pub

    The Squire’s Pub and Restaurant in Southern Pines, NC is already booking holiday parties.  Visit our web site to see a sampling of our catering menus, plus our new fall catering special can be found under the menu tab.  Whether your party is at your place or ours, we can cater to your whims.

    The Squire’s Pub has a large room that can seat up to 36 people comfortably, and we will arrange a limited menu for your parties luncheon or dinner.

    Try The Squire’s Pub drop-off catered cocktail party.  We’ll bring you wings, meat balls, dips n’ chips, you name.  All transported in disposable aluminum pans and plastic ware.

    We will also deliver lunch for groups of eight or more with-in the Southern Pines area.

    The Squire’s Pub in Southern Pines

    Call: 910-695-1161

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  • The Squire’s Pub features Bombay Shrimp this summer.

    The Southern Pines restaurant, The Squire’s Pub, offers many new summertime specials including Bombay Shrimp.

    From The Squire’s Pub Bombay Company recipe file comes a dish with a world of flavor, Bombay Shrimp.

    Bombay Shrimp is an appetizer made of quickly fried shrimp tossed in an exotic sweet and spicy peanut sauce and is absolutely delicious.

    Come to The Squire’s Pub to enjoy this great summertime treat.

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  • The Squire’s Pub is giving away a Mic Ultra logo golf bag!

    Mic Ultra is the official beer of the US Open coming to Pinehurst, and The Squire’s Pub is an official Mic Ultra draft house.  To celebrate the occasion The Squire’s Pub is giving away a Mic Ultra logo golf bag made by Calloway.

    Entry forms are available at The Squire’s Pub.  No purchase is necessary and entry forms are available near the front door.  Drawing to be held Monday,  June 2nd.  at 5:00 pm.  You don’t have to be present to win.

    Come into The Squire’s Pub and get into the spirit of the US Open.

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  • New Specials are a big success at The Squire’s Pub

    The Squire’s Pub in Southern Pines has two new specials that they have been serving every week, and they have proven to be quite popular for this locally owned restaurant.

    On Mondays, The Squire’s Pub serves  Grilled Lamb Burger with a melted Boursin cheese that is cooked to order.  The Lamb is coated in a signature spice blend that gives it a fantastic flavor, and the melted cheese on top is complimented with sautéed mushrooms.

    The second signature special that is new at The Squire’s Pub is their Grilled Cheese Crab Cake Sandwich, which is available on Wednesdays.  This unique sandwich has bacon and avocado with melted Swiss cheese and is made delicious with The Squire’s home-made crab cake.

    If you find yourself in Southern Pines this week, be sure to drop into The Squire’s Pub as you are certain to find a delicious lunch or dinner.  The menu is reasonably price, the food is delicious, and the service is prompt, friendly and professional.

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  • Chefs in the Kitchen Video Launched!

    At our restaurant in Southern pines, NC we had a great time making video



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  • Irish Beef Stew Recipe from The Squire’s Pub

    The best British Pub Fare is at The Squire’s Pub in Southern Pine, North Carolina

    Heat a large pot over high heat for 3 or 4 minutes,  Pour in olive oil and add bay leaves and let cook togetrher for 2 minutes.  Add beef tips and brwon over high heat, stirring frequently to prevent sticking or burning.  When meat has browned, add sliced onions and cook together until onions are clear.  Reduce heat.  Add garlic, rosemary, thyme and flour and stir in well.  Cook for about 5 minutes and then add beef gravy and Guinness Stout.  Simmer over low heat for about 30 minutes.  Add sliced carrots, potatoes, parsley, salt and pepper and continue to simmer for about 1 hour.

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  • Local owners of The Squire’s Pub win fabulous Las Vegas getaway!

    The local owners of The Squire’s Pub in Southern Pines, Moore County, North Carolina, Scott and Dede Dawson have won a fabulous Las Vegas getaway.  The Dawson’s who have owned The Squire’s Pub  for over 21 years won two round trip tickets to Las Vegas, plus accomodations at the Bellagio.  The weekend begins with an open bar dinner reception at the grand hotel.  The next night a $50 credit may be used at one of many of the Bellagio’s restaurants followed by Cique de Soleil’s show O.  Saturday night has a farewell party with dinner and open bar. Scott and Dede will be returning on Sunday, so they can be back at The Pub on Monday.  The Las Vegas Getaway was won in a US Foods promotion the The Squire’s Pub participated in.

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  • British Pub Fare, Humorous Toasts, British Humor

    The Squire’s Pub and Restaurant has humorous British toasts as decor on their walls.

    The Squire’s Pub, in Southern Pines, North Carolina has some very funny British toasts hanging on the wall as part of their British Pub decor.  Here is an example:

    I drink to your health when I’m with you.  I drink to your health alone.  I drink to your health so often, I’m beginning to worry about my own!


    Get on your knees and thank the Lord your on your feet!

    These toasts and many more can be found on the walls in The Squire’s Pub which has won numerous awards for both food and service.

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  • The Squire’s Pub helps in the community

    The Squire’s Pub in Moore County, NC has been locally owned for over 21 years, and continues to give back to the local community.  This week, The Squire’s Pub honored all canned food donations, as if they were a 10% disount coupon.  Thursday night, The Pub catered food for free for Family Promise and Saturday, chef\owner Scott Dawson will be working in the Kiwanis tent at the Pinehurst Oktoberfest, raising monies for local children’s charities right here in Moore County.

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  • Grilled Duck Breast at The Squire’s Pub

    The Squire’s Pub in Southern Pines, NC will be featuring a boneless grilled duck breast on the menu this fall.  The secret to grilling duck is to cook the breast skin side down for about 75% of the cooking time, then turning it to finish.  Slice the breast thinly and serve over salad, rice, or potatoes.  Duck can be cooked to the customers liking, however most people like their duck cooked to a medium temperature.  We season ours with our signature Irish Stout Seasoning Rub, and served it sliced with mango chutney along side.

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  • Pumpkin Soup Recipe

    The Squire’s Pub in Southern Pines, offers a pumkin soup.  The Chef’s recipe is delicious.

    I like to use the small cooking pumpkins, don’t try this recipe with the large orange Jack-o-lantern pumpkins, they are watery.  Cut the top off a small pumpkin and de-seed, then steam it in a water bath until tender, and the pulp can be peeled easily from the skin.  I make a nice betchemel sauce, using onions and carrots while creating the roux.  Season with Lawary’s seasoning, cinnamon, nutmeg, white pepper and a good pinch of curry.  Add the pumpkin pulp and puree, and finish with cream.

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  • Farm to Table freshness at The Squire’s Pub!

    What’s in the box?  Each week we get two boxes of farm fresh produce, that is locally grown from the Farm to Table Co-operative here in Moore County.  We sold Sweet Potato Chips this weekend, and Dede has made a delicious Peach Up-side Down Cake.  I’ll be making Baba Ganouche this Tuesday with the fresh egg plant and we put the fresh bell peppers into a marinated vegetable salad.  I plan on baking the apples in pastry and serving them with a hard butter sauce this coming weekend.  Local goodness is always available at The Squire’s Pub, but you’ve got to get local produce when it’s in season, so find out more about the local farm to table initative at

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  • Secret to cooking spicy food

    The secret to cooking spicy food is not to make it so hot it is uncomfortable to eat.  Spice should be just enought to get the mouth to salivate, thus cleansing the palate so that it can enjoy the next bite.  Read a recipe carefully, just because it calls for cayenne pepper, doesn’t mean it is to be extremely hot.  I often add pepper at the end of the recipe so not to make the taste too bitter.  And remember you can always add more spice into a recipe, but you can’t take it out once it’s in, so add spices like peppers just a little bit at a time and taste as you go, then add more pepper if you feel that it is neccesary.

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  • Quite possibly the best burger you’ll ever enjoy!

    While The Squire’s Pub British Pub and Restaurant in Southern Pines, North Carolina has had the award winning Revolutionary Burger for many years, this week they are bringing in Pat LaFrieda Burgers for a special.  Pat LaFrieda, as seen on TV’s Meat Men, is a gourmet butcher in NYC. and his burgers are made with certified Prime Angus cuts including meat from the ribs.

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  • Calamri Fries a new appetizer special

    I just tried out a new appetizer, Calamari Fries.  Quite delicious.

    Calamari Fries at The Squire's Pub

    Calamari Fries $5.99

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