Friday, March 14th.-Music by the Celtic Catz starts at 8:30 PM. plus great Irish Specials

The Squire’s Pub is featuring Celtic Music Friday night with the sounds of Celtic Catz!  Celtic Catz will play traditional Irish songs and create a fun and lively show with many sing-a-long favorites and funny jokes.  There is a meal and two drink minimum, or $8. cover charge starting at 8:30 PM.

Dublin Lawyer, made with Langostino Lobster simmered in a rich cream sauce with a hint of Irish Whisky.  Served in a flaky puff pastry bowl -$15.99

Irish Beef Stew simmered with Guinness Stout and served in a toasted bread bowl -$11.99

Corned Beef n’ Cabbage with red bliss potatoes and home-made Bumpy Beer Mustard -$12.99

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